Available Services at Stanley Total Living Center

Other Fee-based Services Available

Initial Installation
Monthly Cost
a. Apartment
b. Nursing Home – per resident
Cable TV
Oxygen Concentrator/IFill Machine
Guest Meals
$4.00 (all meals)
Note – You may contact our beautician directly to make appointments for your family member.

Primary physicians, Podiatrists, Dentists, Psychiatrists, and Ophthalmologists come to the facility routinely, but will bill separately.

Short Term Rehabilitation

Each person’s needs are different. Often the changes brought on by advancing years, an illness or an accident, call for specialized rehabilitation approaches. Throughout our rehabilitation program, the emphasis is on maximizing people’s abilities and independence, and returning them back home, whenever possible.

Under the direction of your relative’s personal physician, rehabilitation programs are designed and implemented. Specially trained therapists, nurses, and nursing assistants use goal-oriented methods to promote independence. After the formal therapy program has concluded, the restorative assistant, nursing staff continues the work and encouragement.

Physical therapists work with residents to decrease pain and improve their strength, endurance, balance, and ambulatory skills. This will permit residents to improve their ability to walk, get in and out of bed, as well as up and down stairs.

Occupational therapists teach the skills of independent living, including dressing, personal hygiene, the use of adaptive equipment and homemaking.

Speech therapists assist residents in regaining speech and language skills and the ability to swallow. We emphasize one’s abilities and encourage residents to think positively and work toward their goals, one step at a time.

In house staff for Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies, Medicare certified, Family training and home visits are available upon your request.

Social Services

Many residents and their families find it helpful to discuss their needs with our social service staff members, who can help with medically-related social and emotional concerns.

When residents recover from illness of an accident, our staff helps in discharge planning and the transition back to community living. This planning assures the most effective continuing care, either at home or in an alternative setting. Our goal is always, as much as possible, to return each person to the mainstream of life again.

Restorative Nursing

Following a stroke, illness or injury, a person’s independence may be limited. Restorative nursing, in conjunction with our Therapy Department at Stanley Total Living Center, focuses on helping residents do more for themselves to become more independent. We stress that each resident is a whole person, with many unique abilities and special needs. Our philosophy involves early treatment geared toward a goal of returning home or increasing independence in daily living skills and improved self-esteem.

Restorative nursing emphasizes the team approach. Residents, family members, physicians and other members or out interdisciplinary team all work together, striving for the same results.